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Taking the Long View

Taking the Long View

Elections. Hurricanes. Divorces.

Whether planned or unplanned, the outcomes of big events are unpredictable.

You plan an election campaign. Then a hurricane strikes.

You plan your budget.  Then furnace quits.

You plan a happily ever after. Then divorce happens.

We get overwhelmingly inspired, hold clear visions, focus on intentions, and make great plans. Still, there is physical reality.

The unpredictable is inevitable.

When we go from our hopes and dreams to the pile of dirty laundry and pile of unpaid bills, we are again overwhelmed.  But not from our inspiration.

We may still have a vision of what we want   But we lose hope of ever having it.

We become less sure of our intentions as all of our plans go to pot.

How do we go forward when nothing is what we thought it would be?

How do we take the next step in the sea of uncertainty?

How can we control our urge to scream when some loving voice tries to reassure us that “Everything will be okay”?

When my marriage started to go awry, I had no answer.  I was too young, too inexperienced, too arrogant. I thought that if I just worked harder I could change that which was impossible to change. It was as though I thought I could single handedly stop the forecast of super storm Sandy if I just kept trying.

I have lived a lot of life since those days.  The tool that life has given me is that of taking the long view.  I can live with knowing that if I lose my partner in life that I can still love again. I have learned that if I no longer have a house I cherish that I can create beauty wherever I am.  I have learned that if finances look grim, that money is only one part of a rich life.

Taking the long view is easier when you have a view to look back upon.  Even in our youth, we can look to our past successes, obstacles we overcame, and the unexpected gifts which came our way.  When you do this, do you see how courageous you have been in past times of uncertainty?  Do you see how resilient you are? How flexible? Can you take the long view?

Whether you are devastated by the outcome of the election, super storm Sandy, or your divorce, here’s wishing you the vision to see what might be possible after the storm—if you are willing to take the long view.

Coach Koenig