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The 5 Facebook Rules You Need to Protect Your Marriage

The 5 Facebook Rules You Need to Protect Your Marriage

The 5 Facebook Rules You Need to Protect Your Marriage

Social media has done wonders to connect people all over the world, but there is one type of connection it has become infamous for: infidelity.  Studies have shown that a spouse’s overuse of Facebook contributes to marriage instability and dissatisfaction.  That usage can also encourage behavior that is destructive to intimate relationships: flirting, making emotional connections with others, even sexual affairs.

To help protect your marriage, here are 5 Facebook rules you need to implement:

  1. Don’t accept friend requests from anyone of the opposite sex that you know is attracted to you or your spouse.
  2. Don’t “friend” former girlfriends or boyfriends, or anyone from your past that you were sexually or emotionally attracted to.
  3. Talk with your spouse about what the appropriate communication guidelines should be with others of the opposite sex on Facebook.
  4. Review each other’s social media habits for accountability.
  5. Apply all these recommendations to all your social media accounts, email, and text messaging.

Seemingly health marriages can unravel quickly with inappropriate social media use by one or both spouses.  Most married people consider having emotional or sexual communication with someone of the opposite sex on Facebook to be marital infidelity, since many of these online connections can turn into face-to-face sexual encounters.

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