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Thinking or Thoughtful?

Thinking or Thoughtful?

I forgot to put my trash out. I hope Christine gets that job. I should have called Pam yesterday. I wonder what’s happening with the impeachment proceedings today. Will the coronavirus hit the Midwest?

Researchers claim we have over 2,000 thoughts an hour. No doubt.  I’m a planner, so there’s thinking about whether this is a pearls day, which film to see before it leaves my favorite local cinema, and whether I need to call my accountant.

I’m less of a worrier about the future and more of a past dweller. I think about the real reason the client didn’t accept my proposal.  About how I wished I hadn’t laughed so loudly at that story. About how it’s the end of the month and I’ve not sent those emails I said I’d do by the 15th

I listen to NPR and think about the two surviving children of the parents who were killed with their third child in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.  I read the New York Times and try not to think about cybersecurity threats. I look at photos on social media of big-eyed puppies needing adoption.

Some thoughts take me to joyful places. Admiration at the thought of my child’s sense of humor. Excited at the thought of my imminent weekend getaway. Inspired by the courtroom victory of an attorney in my law firm.

What is this thinking getting me? Is it inviting insight? Encouraging action? Suggesting shame? At the start of each year I ask myself what I want more of and what I want less of.

Thinking made my “less” list.  

I’ll pay more attention to the energy I feel when I think. Is reading local crime stories meaningful? Is listening to a detailed analysis of the trade wars contributing to my life? Am I drained or delighted by picking out the perfect shade of lipstick for the day?

Thoughtfulness made my “more” list.

More thoughtful not only about the people I love, but about the person or purpose right in front of me.

So as I wrap up these words, rather than think “Who will read this?” or “Why did I procrastinate completing this it until the morning I have a plane to catch?”  I’ll simply close thanking you for being thoughtful enough to read this to the end and wish you a nice weekend.

I’ll be in Vegas being thoughtful.

Coach Koenig

Are you thinking about what matters most in your life?

How do you observe your thoughts?

How can you be more thoughtful today?