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What Does it Really Mean to File for Divorce?

What Does it Really Mean to File for Divorce?

In Nebraska, divorce is a multi-step process that includes filing for divorce. What the term “file for divorce” means may depend on who is using it. When an attorney uses the term “filing for divorce,” they are generally referring to the legal process of filing a legal document, like a Complaint for Dissolution, with the clerk of the court. However, one spouse may tell the other they have “filed for divorce” before any legal documents have been filed with the court. Instead, they may be using this phrase to mean they have contacted an attorney to begin the process, or their attorney has started drafting the paperwork.   

These filings are public record.  So, if one spouse has filed the initial legal documents, there will be a record of them taking this action.  If there is no record, they may have simply started the divorce process.  Steps that a party can take before officially filing for divorce may include:   

·       Obtaining a referral for an attorney;  

·       Scheduling an appointment with an attorney;   

·       Preparing for an initial consultation;   

·       Meeting with an attorney;  

·       Retaining an attorney;   

·       Providing documents to their retained attorney; or   

·       Taking other actions as advised by their attorney prior to filing. 

If you are ready to take the first step to begin your divorce process, contact an experienced divorce attorney at Koenig|Dunne to receive guidance and advice about what to expect and your rights and options.