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Month: December 2011

December 2011

My Christmas Wish: Peace on Earth… or at Least Between Parents

In this first holiday season since being divorced, the emotional tugs from the divorce are in some ways renewed.   The holidays capture tradition, focus on family and love, and press pause for parents to enjoy the magic of childhood.  When divorcing, or even after having been divorced for some time, these highlights of the holidays can feel sad.  My office manager played a comic reel for me just today and the comedian stated very wisely “No good marriage ever ended in divorce.”  While this is true, it does little during the holidays when you desire the traditions of years past
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Shining a New Light on the Holidays

Being a product of the self-help era, I recently turned to the book from the local grief center on how to make it through the holidays.  As I read, the tips seemed familiar.  Ben and Jack were just 7 and 8 when their father and I divorced and I first learned how to recreate the holidays. This year my children, now grown, will fly in from opposite coasts for Christmas.  Those same feelings of angst about how I will make it all okay come over me.  Their stepfather, my husband, John, died in September. I am a good planner.  For
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When I Grow Up

I suspect most children do not make the determined statement that they want to be a divorce lawyer when they grow up.  Often I am asked why this was my choice.  When I was a little girl, I would have said that I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to win an Academy Award for acting, I wanted to be a pilot of the SR-71 only because my Dad told me girls could not, or I wanted to help people.  It turns out that in being a divorce lawyer I am fulfilling all the career aspirations I held as
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Doing Divorce: A Thoughtful Discussion About Divorce

 About Our Blog Our blog provides guidance and insight from our work as divorce lawyers.  We have combined over 40 years of experience assisting men and women through the divorce journey.  We each learned from our own divorces, too.  Our intention is to provide an up close and personal view of divorce.  You will not find legal advice here, but you will find practical advice based on real examples of what we and our clients have faced through the transition of divorce. Susan Ann Koenig, Executive Coach I am a veteran divorce lawyer turned executive coach, author, and speaker. As
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