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Month: June 2012

June 2012

A Potpourri of Feeling

Pick five (or more) from the above chart.  This is what someone going through a divorce may experience inside of an hour.  Shoot, sometimes inside of ten minutes.  The emotional roller coaster that is divorce is uniquely unpredictable and filled with several unexpected twists and turns. For the person on the ride, it is disconcerting at best.  The emotional swings from one extreme to another can make a person feel crazy.  How is it that a few minutes before a sad crying spell, two girlfriends were laughing hysterically?  Or that in the middle of mundane grocery shopping, he experiences a
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The Real You

I have often thought that “before and after” photos of divorce clients would make a fascinating retrospective of what it means to go through divorce. As a divorce lawyer, I saw the changes in the appearance of hundreds of clients as they went through the divorce experience.  The look of a client on the day of the initial consultation and the look of a client at our final conference often differed dramatically. For some, divorce takes a huge toll on the mind, body and spirit. Significant weight gain or loss, dark circles from lack of sleep, or the sad face
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Dad Day

My dad is one of my personal heroes.  I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would take me and my brother and sister to the flight line to watch my dad’s plane arrive from whatever faraway place he had been stationed.  My dad was a pilot in the Air Force.  He would get off the plane in his green flight suit and he was my hero.  My mom is shocked to this day that I do not have a recollection of how much my dad was away during my childhood.  He was gone four weeks, home six,
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The End

“Can I ask you a personal question?” my client asked. I took in a breath. Answering personal questions from clients is uncomfortable because I am mindful that as an attorney, I have the power to influence my clients and their decisions. I generally keep my personal opinions and experience out of reach of clients for fear of my experience shading theirs. Just the day before, this client and I had successfully negotiated an outcome for her divorce in lieu of going to trial. We finalized negotiations an hour before our scheduled trial time. I had been supporting this client for
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