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Month: July 2012

July 2012


I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I have writer’s block.  I have been trying to think of something insightful to write about for a good hour now.  But then it struck me like a ton of blocks (yes, I went there) that this is one of the most common feelings for people before, during and even sometimes after a divorce. Feeling blocked is that sinking feeling in your stomach as you try to process through problem–solving, but every thought seems too hard and hopeless.  Under divorce circumstances, feeling blocked surfaces nearly daily like this:  “My house will not be able
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Divorce Deal: It Takes Two

It was headline news last month when Katie Holmes, 33, filed for divorce from Tom Cruise after five years of marriage.  Disappointing the tabloids, they reached a settlement just eleven days later. In contrast to the divorce drama of other famous couples, these two came to agreement in record time.  This included not only financial matters, but also the custody of their six year old daughter. Rare is the divorce that settles in a matter of days, or even weeks, especially where one of the parties (Mr. Cruise in this case) reports the divorce as a surprise.  In a typical
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Perfectly Predictable

This was my view one evening last week as I sat on the beach at sunset in Lincoln City, Oregon.  If you have ever been to the Oregon coast, you know that Oregonians do not travel to the beach for warmth, sunshine and sipping mai tais in bikinis.  For those who journey to this windy, freezy-cold watered coast, the draw is something more.  For me, I travel to this spot annually for the perfect predictability of the reassuring ocean. I am one of those people who can sit for hours and watch the ocean, never tiring of counting the series
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Okoboji Independence

The view of Lake Okoboji is as beautiful this year as it was 20 years ago when I saw it for the first time. It imparts peace in the morning, awe at sunset, and reflection at night. For over a decade this was the place of joyful summer fun for my family. Memories abound. My children racing about for our traditional scavenger hunt. The image of my youngest standing alone on the dock, fishing pole in hand. Walking hand in hand with my husband along the shore. Daily trips to the Nutty Bar Stand for a chocolate and peanut covered cube
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