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Month: January 2013

January 2013

After the Fall

Thousands of fans sat awestruck and silent as she skated across the ice. Her bare backed costume shimmered even more than her smile. Graceful. Strong. Beautiful.  The dedicated from across the country competed to gain a coveted spot in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Young skating hopefuls sought autographs and snapped photos of skating greats from years gone by as the announcer recited the impressive successes of the competitors. Music filled the air as the skater showed her family that all of the sacrifices had been worth it. Moving away from family to be near the skating club. Awakening in
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Seeing Sesame

Sesame Street has decided to include a divorce resource in its series of online tool kits under the “Little Children, Big Challenges” initiative.  I applaud the efforts of this societal giant in early education programming, taking on divorce as the reality that children from 40% of married households may face at some time in their childhood. My daughters were 5 and 7 when their dad and I told them we would be divorcing.  We made the decision to tell our girls together.  We knew their primary concern would be what the impact on them would be.  We prepared.  We had
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There are times of the year and times of our lives when money worries increase.  January can be one of those.  Credit card statements from holiday gift giving arrive. The cold means more dollars for keeping our car going, our sidewalks clear, and our homes warm. Whether it’s January or July, during a divorce, the money worries multiply. Our entire financial picture changes during divorce.  The same dollars which once managed to support one household must now provide for two.  Replacing furniture, movers, deposits, and legal fees.  All expenses added to the budget. The overwhelm can be so great that
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Ruining Routine

As the busy holiday season winds down, a peculiar thing happens.  We find ourselves cheerfully looking forward to a full work-week ahead.  Why?  Why after extra days off enjoying traditions with our family and friends, do we suddenly shift to the opposite end of the spectrum and seek the return of full inboxes and lengthy to-dos? We love our routines.  We are programmed from infancy that routines are comforting and contribute to our feelings of stability.  So come January, after several weeks in a row of joyful disruptions, we simply crave our routines again.  We crave the need to “get
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Making Resolutions Real

The start of the year is an exciting time to be a coach.  Fired up about the year ahead, people are looking to make it a great one.  When asked about my own New Year resolutions, most are surprised when I don’t get overly excited about this well meaning tradition. It’s not that I’m against New Year resolutions.  After all, what can be bad about declaring that you’re going to be nicer to your cousin or eat more kale?  At the start of a new year we like to express our longing to be better and do better.  So why
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