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Month: November 2013

November 2013

Bittersweet Thanksgiving

The bittersweet in my kitchen window seems appropriate. The view of the November sky though the elegantly arched window of my newly remodeled kitchen brings that familiar feel of the holiday mix of emotions of a person whose family has changed. My sons won’t be with me on Thanksgiving as I proudly carry my perfectly roasted turkey to the table set well in advance with linens, china, candles, and, of course, the turkey salt and pepper shakers.  No husband will recite the traditional blessing which was always sweeter than the pecan pie. And I will not hear the voice of
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Dealing with Disappointment

I should have crossed the finish line to my first half marathon a month ago.  I should have felt the weighted medal around my neck signifying a giant goal met.  Prior to April of 2013, with perhaps the exception of having been chased by a dog, I was never a runner.  It was in March that one of my best friends asked me to run a half-marathon.  He knew I loved a good challenge and thought this would be a good fit for me.  I looked critically at whether this was the right time for me and at my intentions
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Litigation Vacation

“I need a vacation.” Have you ever uttered these words? If we’re worn out, stressed out, or burned out, we need a break.  Going through a divorce is a big job. It demands hard work. Your time, money, thoughts, and conversations center on your divorce. Your divorce can feel all consuming and never ending. If you are worn out, stressed out, or burned out from an exhausting divorce, consider a Litigation Vacation. Give yourself a respite from being constantly consumed by your divorce. Whether it’s a long weekend or an entire week, take a break from your deluge of divorce
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Making the Grade

The school called.  Immediately the sinking feeling hit my stomach.  Would I be able to rearrange my afternoon to leave work if one of the girls was sick?  Did one of them have an incident at school?  Do I have time to take on one more volunteer project?  Like rapid fire these questions hit before I had even said hello. It was the school secretary calling to ask if it would be alright to again this year schedule a joint parent-teacher conference with both me and my former spouse.  Oh.  That’s all?  “Yes, of course that is fine.  I will
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