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Month: June 2015

June 2015

Let’s Talk About Sex

My first sex talk was not with my mother. It was with a priest. I arrived at the century old rectory with my anxiety and spiritual struggle in hand. Despite my years of Catholic education, confession, and communion, I had difficulty with the notion that sex outside of marriage was a sin. I simply couldn’t see the harm. The fact that I was far too young to be having sex with anyone didn’t stop me from wanting to lose my virginity to Duane. I explained. Father listened attentively, without judgment. Talking about sex is scary. No doubt that is why
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Disneyland Dad

I have a confession… I have a Disneyland Dad. I have a dad who is not called Grandpa by my girls, but Funpa. I have a dad who takes my girls bowling and to Funplex and makes adventure out of everything. I have a dad who introduced my girls to mochas and minions. In every way he fits the definition of a Disneyland Dad. The term Disneyland Dad dates back to an era when parents without custody and without much parenting time spent it entirely in fun and games with their children, while the custodial parent was left with the
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Grit or Quit?

  It just didn’t occur to me that I could quit my marriage. Not because of my elementary school education at St. Frances Cabrini Church or because I couldn’t make the mortgage payment. I really just didn’t consider it as a choice. I was so ingrained with the gift of grit I never looked at the possibility that I could quit trying. The capacity to endure has inspired me since those when I was still too young to get babysitting jobs. Lying on my bed trying to escape the dog days of Nebraska summers, I spent countless afternoons being inspired
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Renovation Reality

I am not sure what I was thinking, or if I was thinking, when I committed to buy a 121 year old building to renovate top to bottom. My law partner and I identified a physical space challenge as our firm continues to grow. The answer was easy – expand our physical space. So the next thing I know, I bought the old building next door to our existing space for expansion. I am several months into the on-going project and the parallels to divorce are too stark to be avoided or ignored. So I offer up the metaphorical insight
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