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Month: August 2015

August 2015


A year ago this month I made a mistake that I still feel embarrassed about today. When my former spouse asked about his new wife coming to the annual Meet the Teachers night a couple of days before school started, I retorted that I did not think that appropriate. In my view, Meet the Teachers night was for parents and their children to meet the teachers. Not for step-parents to also meet the teachers and be included in this family event. I was wrong. But you see nothing puts me in the all-too-familiar, yet unflattering, defensive mode faster than any
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Grand Essentials

When my world was turned upside down, it was hard for me to find my happiness. It was hard to find because it wasn’t where it used to be. When I was married, my happiness perched in many places. It was on our patio on a Tuesday night when soccer practice was cancelled and a family dinner was guaranteed. It was in a plate of buttery corn on the cob and tomatoes with basil just picked from the garden. It was in the simple bouquet of bluebells picked from beside our goldfish pond. It was in the sight of my
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Revelation Reality

“Mom?” I turned around and saw the sick look on my almost nine-year olds face.  “Max is in the bag.” We were packing for a trip to the pool and I grabbed an old bag out of my closet, tossed it on the bed, and absent-mindedly told her to put the towels in it. Max is our Christmas elf. You know the one – the one with creepy eyes that follow you wherever you move and works magic for 24 days in December under the guise that he is reporting any bad behavior to Santa Claus.  Well, he was in
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Happy Anniversary

My husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis kicked off the season. We followed the doctor’s “You better take this vacation while you still can” prescription, a family fiasco instead of fun in Alaska. Upon our return I oversaw the renovation of a century old building for our law office, during which a fiber optic cable punctured our sewer line creating a giant messy pit. By August I found myself on the hilly slope of a college campus giving a gut wrenching farewell to my youngest who at 15 would now live in a dormitory over a thousand miles away from me at
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