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Month: April 2016

April 2016

Just Breathe

My breath has been taken away by the long anticipated kiss and by the excruciatingly true critique of my work. It evaporated both at the realization of betrayal by a lover and at my first sight of Lake Cuomo as the train rounded the bend in the Italian Alps. Despite leaving me on occasion, I appreciate that my ability to breathe deeply has been a loyal friend. Roland Heinrichs was my first formal teacher of breathing. The South High choir director hailed the diaphragm as the source of all sounds beautiful. My singing never landed me a solo, so I
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At My End

Martin was blown away by Gina’s exuberance when they met on campus for the first time.  Her smile and boundless evoked enough courage in him to invite her to a baseball game 9 years and three children ago. On this sunny April afternoon, Martin, an easy going and patient man, quietly explained to his attorney why he was contemplating leaving his extraordinary wife of almost a decade. Gina was a brilliant web designer who started her own business.  A passionate lover.  A dedicated mom who organized everything from summer camp schedules to the socks in the sock drawer. “I just
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Updated Status: Loved

It’s tax time. Time for the annual review of my status. Time to once again remember that I am not married. There are a lot of boxes to check in life. At my doctor’s office. On my Facebook page. For my financial advisor.  After ruling out the “Married” option and while choosing from among “Divorced,” “Widowed,” and “Single” I always wonder why “All of the above” isn’t a choice. My ego has driven much of my desire to keep a tight grip on a status that impressed. When as a young lawyer I met someone for the first time, I
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