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Month: June 2016

June 2016


Rainbow covered and smiling they weaved their way through booths and paused on this day to celebrate Pride.  They came young and old, dark and light, coupled and solo, and all with the aim of inclusivity.  Parents came to support their gay children, couples came to announce their new marital status after having been together for years and years without being able to enjoy the bond of matrimony, and families arrived feeling whole. Our firm has been part of the annual Pride festival in Omaha for over decade.  Our aim was to provide education and services to the LBGT community
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Orlando on My Heart

I awoke in paradise but the news was a nightmare. As the waves crashed against the shore outside my window and the children slept, I read the reports of the Saturday night slaughter of 49 in an Orlando gay night club. Together for the first time since Christmas, my two sons, my stepdaughter and I were full of anticipation about our helicopter ride over the luscious landscape of Kauai, a hike along the Napali coast, and simply being together. “Did you hear about Orlando?” was my good morning from my youngest. “I did,” I replied. We then fell silent about
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Vacation Vulnerability

There they were – their hair whipping around them and their laughter intensifying with the bump of every new wave as we soared across Table Rock Lake.  Water sprayed up into our faces serving as a brief respite from the 90+ degree heat bearing down on us.  We didn’t care about our messy tangled hair, our wet swimsuits, or the heat index.  We were on summer vacation without a care in the world and we had nothing but time to enjoy ourselves. And yet vacations can be an uncomfortable reminder of your familial status being less than before.  It sneaks
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Money Secrets

As a young wife many years ago, my husband was suspicious about my spending. In an effort to defend, I began reporting my use of cash. Throughout each month I recorded my daily purchases on a small tablet:               5/3  Lipstick                 $2               5/7  Pantyhose            $3               5/8  Lunch                   $4 At the end of the month I silently placed the list atop his dresser. Whether it was that my husband feared he could not trust me or I feared that he didn’t,
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Memory Keeper

I felt a little embarrassed when the movers asked where the box with the wedding dress should be placed.  And then even more embarrassed when my landlord went to replace the carpet in the basement before I had fully moved out and had to move a small pile of belongings from the basement to the main floor – glaringly included in the mix of a handful of things was my giant and heavy leather wedding album. (Do I say former wedding album?) I had not packed it. It remained in the pile of items that I did not know what
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