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Month: February 2020

February 2020

You Can’t Say No To Virginia

“You can’t say no to Virginia,” my fellow volunteer smiled, shaking her head. Rows of us lined up at desks, a phone on one hand, a pen in the other, marking off names on our respective call lists. We made requests to those we phoned on behalf of Virginia’s many social justice passion projects. All because Virginia asked. Virginia was close to my mother’s age, but she appeared ageless to me with her sparkling eyes and  ever-present smile.  Her long straight hair that fell to the middle of her back was already beginning to gray when we first met decades
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Inspiring Shorts

As I munched my extra buttery fun size bag of popcorn, I knew that coming alone was right.  Do not depress your friends, I’d decided. Each year I see the Oscar nominated short documentary films. While the topics are compelling, those who enjoy movies for escape and entertainment might not put down money to see such sorrow on the big screen. I watched: The body of the once lively little refugee now lying in diapers, tube fed in their bed in a coma of hopelessness. Like hundreds of other children, they’ve succumbed to a condition known as “resignation syndrome” in
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Minor Child Name Change in Nebraska

In Nebraska, a parent wishing to change a child’s name may petition the court for a name change. However, changing a minor child’s name can be a complex legal process. For example, you must file your Petition and give formal notice to the other legal parent that you intend to change your minor child’s name. This Notice along with the hearing date must also be published in a local newspaper. If the other parent consents to the name change, he or she must also complete a “consent” form.  If the other parent does not agree or consent to the name
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Love Search

Whether you dread it or celebrate it with everything from drugstore candy to animated emojis, Valentine’s Day is hard to ignore. From our childhood memories of shoe boxes stuffed with cute colored cards from classmates to the 25 billion dollar industry of today, we’re bound to think about love. (And if you’re me, also a bit about the working conditions of the woman in the rose factory outside of Bogota.) Avoiding images of romance is impossible if you own a phone, a television, or a set of eyeballs. Pictures of proposals and candlelit dinners can call forth not just love
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7 Alimony Factors in Nebraska

We know one of the most common questions and concerns clients have when facing a divorce is whether alimony will be a factor in their case. Unlike child support, there isn’t an alimony calculator in Nebraska.  Rather, alimony awards are left to the discretion of the judge or in an agreement reached between spouses.  However, there are several factors that the court may consider when making an alimony determination, including but not limited to: The length of your marriage.  The longer you were married, the more likely it is that alimony may be a factor in your case if other
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Changes to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines

The new year brought new changes to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines. If you currently pay or receive child support in Nebraska, a re-calculation under the new rules could drastically change the amount you pay or receive, respectively. So, what changed? Monthly Support The child support tables (found here) have been amended. The new tables affect each parent’s monthly share, and application of the new tables will almost certainly lower the amount of child support owed. Total Monthly Income The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines directs how we determine a parent’s “total monthly income” for child support purposes. Courts can consider
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