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Month: March 2022

March 2022

Four Women

It was nearly noon and the sky still gray.  I’d barely a hint of hunger despite my breakfast being one small pot of tea and two small cups of coffee. The stories of four women stuck in my gut.  -One a young mother of two whose husband lay hospitalized with diagnoses of Covid and chronic alcoholism.  -One on her fourth day of waiting for a judge to decide whether her life warranted a protection order her from her spouse who blackened her eye and broke more than bones.  -One whose soon to be ex flaunted a presumably new love interest
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Connecting the Dots

“First, are you really lonely?” He challenged me in the chat box, “You seem to have many friends with various roles in your life.  A few of your relationships seem deeply satisfying.” He was right.  “He,” is a friend as far back as middle school now reconnected on social media along with a whole community of others.  He pushed further, “Does being an introvert make you lonely?  The way you talk about your hobbies in general indicate to me they give you great joy.” He was right – about all of it.  In just that week alone, I had had a heart-to-heart with Susan, coffee
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Sam Mattered

He was the self-proclaimed Mayor of 13th Street, an immigrant, and a teacher. Sam came to the United States via Texas or Paris—one could never be sure. Sam was a storyteller whose tales of his escapades and escapes mesmerized toddlers and hooked the most sophisticated listener. He charmed women with such enthusiastic flattery one could almost believe he spoke the truth. It’s said that he once proposed marriage to two women in our law office on the same day. A high school Spanish teacher, Sam had a passion for “junking” along with the gift of bricolage—making something out of nothing.
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Buffering the Barriers: Part III in a Series on Loneliness

The concern in his voice struck me right after I answered the second ring with “Hello?”  “What is with this lonely stuff?  You are good right?”  He asked likely already knowing that his big sister was fine. “I am fine,” I replied trying to keep the exasperation undetectable in my response. I wasn’t lying or pacifying or placating.  “Well, let’s get lunch soon,” he said lovingly fulfilling his brotherly duty to me and offering his solution to what he perceived as my problem. While knowing that connection is the antidote to loneliness, by the time my brother called, it was
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Surrendering to Shame: Part II in a Series on Loneliness

I clicked on “send” before my brain could stop me.  “Shit.”  I sighed and closed my laptop.  It was out there now.  I had confessed a deep dark feeling and there was nothing I could do now but wait. I had sent my longtime editor, coach, business partner, mentor, neighbor, hero, and dearest friend, Susan, the draft of my blog, Telling the Truth, to read and review. I hadn’t told anyone in my life I was feeling lonely as of late and admitting it in writing had left me reeling. Per usual, Susan’s encouragement came in like clockwork.  She answered my questions about the blog topic,
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