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Month: May 2022

May 2022

Glorious Graduation Goal

Re: End of Life read the subject line. We were six months into the pandemic when Brian emailed Things are changing with my cancer.  Brian had been living with the spreading tumors for a couple of years. We’d met when he was the head of a Montessori school where I was leading a workshop. I’d mentioned in passing my aspiration to become an end-of-life doula one day. Now he was inviting me to not wait for my certification.  When asked what was most important to him, there was no hesitation. “My girls”. His beloved spouse and his teenage daughter were the
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Perfect Ending: How My Divorce Cured My Perfectionism

As a child, I was annoyed when other kids colored outside the lines.  I fundamentally did not comprehend how people could not stay in a straight line behind our teacher on the way to the cafeteria. I could spend hours organizing coins, decks of cards, or colors – by strict classifications of size, color, and numerical order. These were early signs of my Type A personality being born. As I moved into junior high and high school, I over-achieved with a jammed-packed activity schedule while working 2 jobs and maintaining Honor Roll level grades.  A crumpling crying feeling would strike if I
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Letting Her Go

She waited for me every single morning to start her day.  First while standing up in her crib with a big smile. Then even when she was a toddler and transitioned to her “big girl bed” (a twin bed), she wouldn’t get out of her bed until I came in to greet her.  Each morning for the first years of her life I would wrap her in my arms, feel her breath on my neck, and we would start our day… together. At seven, when her dad and I divorced, I let go of half her mornings.  I also let
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I awoke at sunrise to slip out the door with my gloves, sheers, and bucket of water. The summer temperatures on the 1st of April meant I didn’t have a day to lose. One Monday morning each spring my co-workers walk into the office to the sweet scent of newly cut lilac blooms filling the air, and today was the day.    I had a sense of purpose. I remembered the many years my small act                  made others smile and me joy filled. No matter how long my to-do list,          today this was at the top.   Spring 2012 
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Words Well Written

“I need to get this out so you can read it and know where I’ve been, where I’m at now, and where I want to be.” My writing partner recently sent me some draft work to “review and comment” for him. He is writing from a place of self-discovery and his writing is autobiographical in nature.  He is writing difficult and vulnerable memories. At the end of his pages was a letter to his spouse.  I wasn’t sure if I was meant to read it or not, but I knew it no doubt held a deeper level of the hard work he was
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