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Month: March 2023

March 2023

Turning the Page

It is too dramatic to say I felt disbelief staring at my sixteen-year-old daughter’s handwritten words.  But it was certainly on the spectrum of stunned. In a rare and fleeting moment of one-on-one time with my busy teenager, she was sharing with me the journal she had been tasked with keeping for her high school writing class. I read the words again: “For me, the holiday season has been hard. With having divorced parents, I don’t think it will ever be easy.  There is always guilt when leaving one parent on Christmas morning to go to the other, knowing that the parent
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Dealing with Student Loans in a Nebraska Divorce

If you are getting divorced in Nebraska, there are three main areas where student loans may be involved.  Those three areas are: (1) when either party incurs student loans during the marriage; (2) when student loans that were obtained by either party prior to the marriage are paid off/down during the marriage; and (3) when the party paying child support desires to use their student loan payment as a deduction from their income in the child support calculation.  The first, and most common, situation involving student loans in divorce cases is when student loans are incurred during the marriage.  Before
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Out of Season

“It shouldn’t be like this,” he said.  “I know,” I agreed.  “We should be seeing little bits of green in the grass.”  “I know,” I said.  As giant clusters of March snow fell, the silence between us spoke our sorrow for the climate crisis with no need to mention the bitter cold that keeping us away from the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We knew.  We knew how the weather had once been this time of year. Unpredictable perhaps, but not so extreme that lives were lost seemingly nonstop to floods and fires. The calendar said spring was five days away.
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Caught with the Cookie Jar

Where was she now? My rambunctious and sneaky Sophia was nowhere to be found. Still in her footie pajamas, it was easier for her to be stealthy.  I retraced my steps through the house. When I came back down to the living room the quiet was eerie.  I heard the slightest shift of her. From where? Behind the chair? I knelt onto the chair with both knees so I could peer over the back.  In the corner, nestled behind the chair was my two-year-old, her face full of cookies.  She didn’t just get caught with her hand in the cookie
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