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Month: August 2023

August 2023

Who Needs Collaborative Divorce?

With rising legal fees and court costs, the uncertainty of trial calendars and outcomes, and the overall toll that litigation can take on a divorcing couple, Collaborative Divorce may be a better option for Nebraskans going through divorce. Generally speaking, those who choose to proceed collaboratively agree that they will not resort to the court for any judicial relief, voluntarily disclose all of their assets and liabilities and come to temporary and permanent agreements on all issues in their case. Yet, common misconceptions and questions about Collaborative Divorce persist. Here are just some misperceptions, and reasons why the right clients
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Sunday Drive

“It’s so green,” I said, breaking the silence of our Sunday drive. Recent rains brought a lushness to the landscape of rolling hills and rural homesteads. No flooded fields. No drought withered crops. Just miles of gorgeous green. Like many a sitting meditation, my moment of peaceful bliss is instantly disturbed by my mind leaving the now. Ashen images of the apocalyptic aftermath from wildfires appropriated my vision. “It makes me think of Maui,” I said. My driver looked straight ahead without response. He continued on the unmapped route. The windshield wipers popped on periodically to accompany “Hey Jude” playing
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Heartache Healing

He had a deep love for sleeping in sunshine spots.  You could tell time in our house by his on the nose reminders of meal and treat times. He preferred under-the-chin scratches the best. He adored being Anna’s favorite. For over fifteen years our Oliver a/k/a Ollie a/k/a Ollie Jones has been a steadfast and loving member of our family. By the time any of you read this, I will have said the final goodbye to my beloved Oliver. Oliver’s life lasted longer than my marriage and he was in both my pre and post-divorce households. On days that my
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I turn the calendar to August.  Instantly I’m aware it’s the final true month of summer. If I’m going to lounge by the pool, nap in a hammock, or taste the ice cream cone melting from the summer heat, I’d better get crackin’.  I admire people who effortlessly build the pleasures of play into their life. The practical joker. The GIF giver. The play in the pool just because it’s Tuesday type. They don’t wait for a season of fun to enjoy it.  In contrast, I tend to take myself and my life too seriously. My “Do your homework first
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Do we need lawyers if we agree?

If you and your spouse agree to everything, or nearly everything, in the divorce process, you may be confused about the best path to take to finalize your divorce.  Legally, you don’t need a lawyer to get divorced. But if your case has any nuances or complexities, what you don’t know, may turn out to negatively impact you.  There is a lot of paperwork, and “getting it right” the first time, will give you peace of mind and protect your rights and interests in the future.  Furthermore, even for simple or basic divorces, the legal system can be complicated and
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