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Month: May 2024

May 2024

The Difference is in the Details: 3 tips for Co-Parenting Common Sense

A three-hour window.  A three-hour window was all it took to feature the failings of co-parenting.   It was a minor parenting plan problem.  Our case study features an eight-year old girl and her parents two years post-divorce. 4th of July arrived with the provision providing for holiday parenting time to begin at noon.  The 4th fell on a Thursday.  Mom had parenting time Wednesday night and it was her alternating year for the 4th of July holiday.  However, Dad’s parenting time commenced at 9 a.m. on Thursdays for his regular time. Mom asked if it made sense for her
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Courtroom Career: Observations from my Daughter

I am not sure which of us was more excited or more nervous.  My daughter was coming to court after school to watch me.  This was the first time in her 14 years that she had taken interest in what her mom does.   After watching me spend atypical evenings and weekends working on what I described as a “big case,” her curiosity was piqued.  She was asking questions about what made cases hard, how the process worked, what I liked about trial. Day three of trial arrived and so did my daughter during the afternoon session.  She observed over 50
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I awoke at sunrise to slip out the door with my gloves, sheers, and bucket of water. The summer temperatures on the 1st of April meant I didn’t have a day to lose. One Monday morning each spring my co-workers walk into the office to the sweet scent of newly cut lilac blooms filling the air, and today was the day.    I had a sense of purpose. I remembered the many years my small act                  made others smile and me joy filled. No matter how long my to-do list,          today this was at the top.   Spring 2012 
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Two Actions to Take Before Separating from Your Spouse

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and in the context of divorce, this adage rings true. If you are considering separating from your spouse and filing for divorce, it is important that you prepare for both the legal process and the fact that you and your spouse will soon be living apart. From budgeting to finding emotional support, a pre-separation checklist should rival the importance, if not the thickness, of a commercial airliner takeoff manual. However, if you only have the time or the energy for a few pre-separation preparations, then here are two actions that all spouses should
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A Mom in Shining Armor

“I hate him,” she sent the text in a fury.  It came across my screen like an arrow, not so much aimed at my heart but at least my shoulder, causing me to metaphorically wince.  “What happened?” I replied.  She told me the tale – none of the details relevant – because all my heart hurt about was her distress, sadness, and pain. All kids experience this at some point about each of their parents.  And if you are sitting there smugly reading this and thinking my child will never hate me – let me tell you the day is
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How to Protect Your Premarital Assets from a Divorce

Protecting premarital assets from a divorce means understanding the difference between marital property and non-marital property — and taking the necessary steps to shield your non-marital property before divorce may even be a consideration. First, you need to know what constitutes non-marital property, which is: Property you brought into the marriage that was kept separate from marital assets Any gifts you received from a third party An inheritance you received that was kept separate from marital assets Any property designated as separate in a separation or settlement agreement in a divorce In 2017, the Nebraska Supreme Court issued a ruling
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Speak to Me: The Cost of Poor Communication Part 1

Wife to attorney email: I need to file taxes.  Can you ask Husband’s attorney if he agrees to file jointly? Attorney to wife email: I will ask. Wife’s attorney to me email: Does your client agree to file taxes jointly this year? $65.00 charge to wife Me: Review email and email client.  Are you agreeable to filing taxes jointly this year. (Adds additional recommendation on best filing strategy). Client (Husband)to me email.  Yes, I am agreeable.  I have emailed her multiple times over the past several weeks asking her if we could do this. Me to Wife’s attorney email:  My
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Minor Child Name Change in Nebraska

In Nebraska, a parent wishing to change a child’s name may petition the court for a name change. However, changing a minor child’s name can be a complex legal process. For example, you must file your Petition and give formal notice to the other legal parent that you intend to change your minor child’s name. This Notice along with the hearing date must also be published in a local newspaper. If the other parent consents to the name change, he or she must also complete a “consent” form.  If the other parent does not agree or consent to the name
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