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5 Tips Before Filing for Divorce

5 Tips Before Filing for Divorce

Divorce is all we do.  With almost 70 years of combined experience among our lawyers, we’ve had thousands of consultations with people at the beginning stages of their divorce.  Here are five of the most common tips for you to consider before you decide to file for divorce (or if you think your spouse is contemplating a divorce).

Infographic for Blog - 5 Tips Before Filing for DivorceSeek counseling. 

Even if you do not think there is hope for your marriage, counseling can be an important source of support for you during the divorce process.  If your spouse is willing to participate, you may both benefit from professional mental health support.  If your spouse will not join you in counseling, you can still seek counseling to help you navigate this time of transition.  Whether you initiate or respond to a divorce, you will be facing changes in every part of your life, and support will play a vital role in helping you through this process.

See a lawyer now. 

Even if you have not made a decision to proceed with a divorce, see an attorney now.  A consultation with a lawyer is an investment that will empower you to protect yourself if you or your spouse should decide to proceed with legal action.  During the consultation, you will learn about the divorce process, your rights, and what you may expect during your case.  The more control and clarity you feel over the process, the better you will be able to make sound decisions regarding very challenging choices in your divorce. 

Develop a safety plan.

If you are worried about your safety, having a safety plan for you and your children should be your top priority.  Seek the legal advice from an attorney who understands the complexities of domestic violence. 

Safeguard your assets.

Follow your attorney’s advice about how to safeguard your assets.  In some cases, these steps may include:

  • Opening your own bank accounts
  • Closing credit accounts
  • Creating an inventory of your personal property
  • Obtaining a credit report
  • Gathering important financial documents

Stay in your home.

Unless you fear for your safety, it is generally recommended to stay in your home until you have received different advice from your lawyer.  Leaving the marital residence prior to receiving advice from your lawyer may impact child custody decisions and the future right to possess the home. 

Angela Lennon