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Happy 100!

Happy 100!

In honor of our 100th blog post I asked my team to tell me what they love about being part of a divorce team and working with our clients. Our 100 learnings and reasons can best be captured in our top ten list that we believe and benefit from to the 10th degree:

1. Solutions. We get to be solution finders. No two divorces are the same. We are constantly presented with new and unique challenges and problems to be resolved. We work creatively with our clients, opposing lawyers and judges to find good solutions for families.

2. Empowerment. We get to empower people from the ground up. All of our clients come to us with the single common denominator: every aspect of his or her life is about to change. They are scared, confused, and grieving. We get to help stand them back up on their feet.

3. Support. We get to support our clients from the minute they place the very first call to our office until the day they receive a signed Decree from the court.

4. Connecting. We get to be professional listeners. The occupational hazard is that we are deeply connected to and with our clients. We hear their worries and their fears. We are the guardians of their deepest vulnerabilities.

5. Healing. We get to help people in their healing. We see them turn the corner to a new start. A new version of life. We see them heal up old hurts and turn a new face to the future. We are inspired daily by our heroic clients.

6. Strength. We get to see the inner strength in people. Better yet, we usually see it before they do. We get to observe the light bulb moment when they begin to observe their inner strength and grit. They make us feel stronger as a result.

7. Challenge. We get to observe clients face challenging situations. We observe their grace. We observe their failures. We observe their sincere intentions. We observe their successes. In these observations, we are challenged ourselves to become better people. To be better communicators. To be better in relationship. To be better critical thinkers. We never stop learning from our clients.

8. Complex. We get to appreciate the nuances of a very complex area of law. Divorce impacts children, real estate, taxes, retirement and pension plans, business ownership, inheritance, social security, name changes, etc. We regularly dive into complex and unique areas of the law and are constantly learning as a result.

9. Caring. We get to create a culture of caring. We actually get to care about the people we work for. We get to relate to them, talk to them, be with them. We get to ease their anxieties and alleviate their stresses. We get to care.

10. Perseverance. We get to see people persevere. We see them put one foot in front of the next despite being overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed and anxious. We see people confront adversity head-on and make it to a better place. We see them preserve for their children, for their future and for ownership of themselves.

Angela Dunne