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Estate Planning

No one likes the think about when they will die or if they will not be able to care for themselves in the future.  However, planning for these situations will ensure your wishes are fulfilled and your family is protected.

Regardless of your current stage of life or the size of your family or estate, Koenig|Dunne recommends that everyone have a personalized estate plan. Putting your plan in place will give you peace of mind and:

  • Ensure your estate is distributed to the individuals of your choosing
  • Identify a guardian and conservator to care for your children and protect their financial futures
  • Appoint a trusted decision-maker to make decisions regarding your health care and finances
  • Provide clarity regarding your end of life care

A customized estate plan at any stage of life will create certainty for your loved ones upon your death or incapacity, ensure your wishes are carried out, that family and wealth is protected, and avoid a difficult or expensive process to administer your estate.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation to ensure that your assets are protected by revising or creating an estate plan that ensures that your intentions for your children and your estate are fulfilled.