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Private Education Expenses

Private Education Expenses

We know there is stress and confusion regarding the start of school this year for families in Nebraska.  What may be adding stress to some divorced parents is the decision to send their children to public school or whether to enroll them in private school depending upon each schools’ coronavirus precaution and procedures.

The Nebraska Supreme Court Child Support Guidelines have no specific provisions regarding the expense of private education.  However, both parents can agree in a divorce decree that they want their children to attend private school and agree upon how the education expense will be paid.  Previously, the obligation to pay private school expenses was generally only enforceable if the parents agreed to this provision in their Decree. 

However, with many parents exploring the option of enrolling their children in private school, it’s important to talk with your attorney to determine your rights and options regarding payment for this expense. 

The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines provide that parents must share all reasonable and necessary expenses for their children’s education.  Given the facts of your case, what may be considered reasonable and necessary may have shifted during this health pandemic.  If you have questions about private school education expenses during or after your divorce, talk with an experienced family law attorney at Koenig|Dunne to determine what options you have regarding your children’s education.

Angela Lennon