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TBT: Sparkle On

During times of transition, it may be difficult to muster up enthusiasm for celebration. As my birthday approaches, I look back to how I chose to authentically celebrate my life journey a few years ago. I encourage you always to find ways to celebrate and sparkle on. I say it every year – regardless of the gradual hike upward in age – I LOVE my birthday. I love a day designed for simply celebrating your own unique existence. This year I charged at my birthday with the same gusto as my nine-year-old daughter (who coincidentally celebrates her birthday the day
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Misplaced Milestone Meanings

They laughed when I said they could sing “Happy Birthday” to me. They must have thought I was joking.  Maybe a mature milestone meant I should be over such childish wishes. I wasn’t. I attach meaning to the ritual of a verse sung by voices of those I love, and it made my heart glad as I prepared to blow out the dozens of candles on the cake on which was written one word in big red letters: Happy. I’ve attached meaning to much over this lifetime.  Sometimes it served me and sometimes not. I attached meaning to the opinions
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On this eve of my birthday, I am filled with raw excitement. It is like Santa is approaching; only, not just for the night, but for the entire year to follow. There is something so supremely magical about honoring your milestone each and every year. I love my birthday because I take time to unabashedly think about where I am on my life satisfaction scale. I let myself bring new dreams and hopes in and let some of the stale ones go. I also get to eat a piece of spice cake with my mom’s homemade frosting. Some years your
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