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Spooked by the Specter

This Halloween marks a mere 40 days until my next milestone birthday. Moses fasted during his 40 days, but not I, no matter how fit I hope to look in my birthday party dress. I will, however, have a deluxe facial (an early birthday gift from a bosom pal) from the esthetician who enthusiastically declared she could remove my many forehead lines which for years have rested without complaint beneath my bangs. In my 20s I fell in love and married. In my 30s I got divorced. In my 40s I fell in love and married. In my 50s I
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Halloween Hints

When your 8 year old wants to sleep in her Elsa costume from endless exuberance for Halloween, it’s no wonder parents attach so much meaning to this happy holiday. For many it lands right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the favorite scale. Halloween is a multibillion dollar industry as goblins fill our lawn, we transform into mythical characters, and delight in a treasure trove of sugar treats. For me, Halloween also holds childhood memories for me. Being one who likes to play dress up, I remember wrapping myself in sheets to become a Greek goddess and carrying my
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