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temporary hearing

Five Tips for Writing a More Persuasive Personal Affidavit

Most Nebraska courts decide temporary divorce hearings by reading the sworn personal statements of spouses rather than having spouses testify in court. These personal statements are referred to as “personal affidavits,” and they are perhaps the most important documents that courts consider when ruling on temporary issues. It is therefore critical that your personal affidavit is well written, persuasive, and easy for a court to read. While your attorney will help you to draft your personal affidavit, you can help your attorney by providing him or her with a polished first draft. Tip 1: Write About One Topic at a
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How Temporary is a Temporary Order?

During your divorce, some issues between you and your spouse are time sensitive and must be addressed before you reach a final settlement, or the court enters a final ruling on your case. For example: Who gets to stay in our home? What will parenting time look like between us? What amount of child support or alimony will either of us pay? Who will be responsible to pay for our family’s health insurance coverage? When spouses are unable to reach agreement on time-sensitive matters, either spouse may ask a court for a temporary order to decide these issues. When does
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