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Temporary Child Support in Nebraska

Temporary Child Support in Nebraska

After your divorce has been filed, you might find that there are temporary issues that need to be resolved before the final Decree is entered and your divorce is complete.  Most commonly, after parents separate households and finances, a temporary child support award is necessary to ensure that the minor children’s financial needs are met during the pendency of the divorce. 

If you and your spouse are unable to agree upon the amount of temporary support to be paid each month, your attorney can file a motion for temporary support asking the judge to determine how much child support should be paid each month and when the support obligation should start.   

There are a number of steps involved in obtaining a temporary child support order from the court:

  1. Discuss your need for temporary child support with your attorney.
  2. Your lawyer requests a hearing date from the judge and prepares the necessary documents, including affidavits
  3. A temporary hearing is held.
  4. The temporary order awarding child support entered by the court. 
  5. If child support is ordered to be paid through automatic income withholding, the payor’s employer will be notified. 
  6. The payor’s employer sends the child support amount to the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center in Lincoln (NCSPC).
  7. You contact the NCSPC to set up an account to receive the money.
  8. NCSPC transfers/sends the money to you.

If you are in need of temporary child support during your divorce, schedule a consultation with a Koenig|Dunne attorney today. 

Angela Lennon