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Uncontested Divorce in Nebraska

Uncontested Divorce in Nebraska

No two divorces are the same.  Some are highly contested, litigated, and expensive legal actions.  Others are uncontested and require the parties to cooperate to complete the necessary legal documents.  However, they are the same in that they each come with their own sets of challenges and underlying heartbreak.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties are able to reach an agreement (usually by having conversations in advance), about the disputed issues in their case, including:

  • Custody of their children
  • Parenting time schedule
  • Payment of child support and the children’s expenses
  • Division of their assets and debts
  • Who will keep the marital home or if it should be sold
  • Whether a spouse will pay alimony (and for how long/how much)

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, then it’s a matter of determining how you will accomplish the legal requirements necessary to initiate and finalize your divorce with the court.

In Nebraska, uncontested divorces can be accomplished several ways. The most common ways are:

  1. Do It Yourself: The Nebraska Supreme Court’s website has forms that you can fill out and file with the court.  By doing it yourself, you are left to navigate the legal process on our own without guidance or support when you run into questions.
  2. Hire an Attorney: One party can hire an attorney to draft all of the necessary documents.  The attorney will draft the documents and navigate the legal process with you, but this comes with higher fees.

At Koenig|Dunne, we saw there was a need for Nebraska families to have the support of a divorce lawyer to help navigate the legal system at an affordable fee.   So, we created Untie Online: An Affordable Online Divorce Service.  

Untie Online bridges the gap between “doing it yourself” and “hiring your own lawyer” for an affordable fee.  With Untie Online, you get access to the information and resources you need to move through your divorce, you create customized legal documents you can file with the court, and if you have questions about the legal process, you have access to a divorce attorney.

If you have questions about your uncontested divorce options or want to learn more about if Untie Online is a right fit for you, schedule a free 15 minute call with a divorce attorney to learn more.

Angela Lennon