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Month: April 2013

April 2013

Sparkle On

I say it every year – regardless of the gradual hike upward in age – I LOVE my birthday.  I love a day designed for simply celebrating your own unique existence.  This year I charged at my birthday with the same gusto as my nine-year-old daughter (who coincidentally celebrates her birthday the day after mine).  I went so far as to put the party planning techniques I have mastered for my daughters’ birthday parties to use for my own.  I hosted a Celebration of Sparkle in honor of the women in my life who contribute to my sparkle. My intentions
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We think we are safe. We think our children are safe. We think our country is safe. Until we hear that an all-American city celebrating a great tradition in broad daylight on Patriots Day is bombed. Until we hear that an 8 year old was murdered by the explosion. And then we are reminded of the fragility of security. Tens of thousands slaughtered in Syria sounds far away. But Boston? No, Boston feels like our backyard. Boston is where I arrived at the age of 22. My greatest insecurity was how a working class girl from South Omaha would fit
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Seasonal Swings

This week, Nebraska weather is wrecking havoc on our gardens, our spring soccer, and most notably, our moods.  Our weather forecast shows a 30 degree swing from snow to sunshine in the span of 3 days and it makes us crazy.  Casual conversations in elevators or status updates on Facebook daily include mention of the weather.  Mostly people are aching for spring.  We are “supposed” to be having warmer weather, no more snow, and plenty of balmy sunshine.  Instead, every week there has been a little bit of snow cover and chilly days. It makes us crabby because we like
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The romance concierge carefully arranged the large heart of rose petals on the linen covered table for two. The night before the young couple spoke their solemn vows on the beach and danced under the stars and moon of Mexico. It was an elegant resort with uniformed staff and marble columns at every turn. For a week I spent afternoons poolside. I watched couples take turns putting suntan lotion on the shoulders and backs of one another. At sunset, the view of the ocean filled with couples sauntering in the sand, hand in hand. I remember my honeymoon in Mexico.
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