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Month: May 2016

May 2016

The Possibility of Improv

Milling about were mostly millennial men half my age or maybe a third. When I signed up, I didn’t remember why people ask friends to take classes with them. It’s to not feel silly showing up at a beginner improv workshop at the local comedy club on a Sunday morning. Once a straight A student, I felt like an “F” was a distinct possibility for this course. My hard work and homework got me through lots of life. But on the empty black stage there would be no previous preparation, no planning. For years I’ve tried to take myself less
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Moving On

(My daughters and me on the eve of our recent move) There has been a pit in my stomach for over a week now brought on by one of those inevitable changes in life – moving from one house to another.  While excitement may surface in the ebb and flow of change, for me, those moments are fleeting.  Packing up your life creates temporary chaos.  I can’t find my shoes, I forgot to pay a bill on time, and my pets are hiding in distress.  I haven’t eaten a decent meal in 7 days and the new night noises are
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Ending Love

Things end. Some endings bring relief. Some leave us lost. I feel relief at endings like time in the dentist’s chair, a successful surgery for my sister, or a flight taking me home to Omaha. I feel lost when relationships with those I love end because so much of who I am is connected to the people with whom I work and play. People like Fred who died last Friday. Fred the drama queen poet and next door neighbor who watched my children go from Montessori to college. Fred the matchmaker who brought John and me together and then officiated
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Bad Mom

(This photo was taken a week before my divorce was final) I was crying so hard that the hair above my ears was soon soaked as I lay on the table.  In what felt like a desperate act, the month before my divorce was final, I went to see an intuitive, Sue, to help me on the path toward healing.  Truthfully, I think I just wanted someone to tell me that finalizing my divorce was the right thing to do.  I thought she would look inside my soul and read the crystal ball and tell me that I was making
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