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Month: January 2017

January 2017

Pursuing Perspective

When she stood at the altar with him and they recited their vows through smiles and tears, she did not imagine that a few years later he would be hiding alcohol bottles in the garage out of reach of their two year old and calling her fat and lazy. She did not anticipate that she would feel unsafe in the home that should have served as sanctuary. The more abusive and drunk he became, the more she tried to “obey” his rules.  She developed unrealistic standards of herself and her children.  She was a slave to her own rigidity born
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How to Melt Ice

As a Sunday ice storm moved into the city, my co-workers made plans to enjoy the closing of the office to turn the weekend from two days to three. My exuberance for a winter snow day, however, was nowhere to be found. Dangerous roads put the kibosh on brunch plans with friends. A remodel project meant chaos reigned around me with a bathroom demolished, my bed a mattress on my dining room floor, and a dusting of drywall powder throughout. The only thing I had more of than messes were excuses. How could I do my yoga routine with my
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Knowing Nana

They messaged with only a moment’s notice – the pair who served as my in-lawed parents for a decade.  They were in town for their annual Christmas break week with my girls – their grandchildren.  My daughters wanted to show them our new home and without thinking about the state of my living room a few days after Christmas, I said yes. I have seen my former in-laws on a handful of occasions since the divorce over 5 years ago at the occasional dance recital or soccer game when they come to town for a visit.  We would exchange brief
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Winter Warmup

As a coach, I love to see people excited and inspired to launch into their goals for the year ahead. Getting back to the gym, planning their vacation to the lake, or signing up for that budgeting 101 class. But even with the promise of a new year, many of us find it hard to drag ourselves out of bed, in the winter wind chill. After the flu has made its rounds, the credit card bills come in, and the numbers on the scale that started rising with Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and climbed to a peak with bowl game cheese
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