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Month: January 2020

January 2020

Thinking or Thoughtful?

I forgot to put my trash out. I hope Christine gets that job. I should have called Pam yesterday. I wonder what’s happening with the impeachment proceedings today. Will the coronavirus hit the Midwest? Researchers claim we have over 2,000 thoughts an hour. No doubt.  I’m a planner, so there’s thinking about whether this is a pearls day, which film to see before it leaves my favorite local cinema, and whether I need to call my accountant. I’m less of a worrier about the future and more of a past dweller. I think about the real reason the client didn’t
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The C Word

“What are you most hoping for in 2020?” I asked sincerely. The pause in her reply made me wonder if another one of my extroverted inquiries had overstepped a boundary.  I’d known her husband for a couple of years, but Emily and I were just getting to know one another. “A year of cancer-free,” she said with a mix of grim and hope on her thin face wrapped in soft waves of blonde hair. For over two years Emily’s husband had been battling an aggressive cancer that had refused to stop at his brain. Multiple rounds of chemo coupled with
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6 Shocking Financial Surprises for Women Who Divorce

A recent study by Worthy — Building a Financial Fresh Start — examined the experiences of almost 1,800 adult women who were either facing divorce, were in the middle of a divorce, or had completed a divorce.  Overall, the study found that most of the women surveyed found themselves financially vulnerable due to two primary reasons: (1) the lack of financial knowledge; and (2) the lack of long-term financial planning. The six shocking financial surprises that divorcing and divorced women most often encounter include: Being unaware of the scope of marital debt; Not anticipating having to get a job; Assuming
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

The summer of 1969, without warning, a young black girl was shot in the back of the head and killed by a white police officer.  Vivian Strong and her friends were having a party in a vacant apartment, playing music and dancing.  She was 14. I was 13 that summer. I don’t remember hearing about Vivian, despite the killing taking place in my hometown.  I don’t remember any conversation at home, at school, or with my friends about Vivian’s death. I don’t remember anyone explaining why this happened or how the trial of the police officer resulted in acquittal. Vivian’s
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4 Ways You Can Help Your Nebraska Divorce Case

Navigating the emotional, financial and legal challenges that come with a Nebraska divorce can be made easier if you avoid making any bad choices or mistakes that can compromise your case.  These mistakes are typically made because of misinformation or a lack of understanding about the Nebraska divorce process.  This is why it is important for you to have an experienced divorce attorney you can turn to for advice, as she or he will want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Letting your emotions get out of hand can hurt your ability to get what you want when
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What’s the Difference?

Voices got loud. Arms waved. Interruptions abounded. We’d had cocktails with our antipasto and wine with our chicken piccata and pasta. Emotions ran high as the talk turned to politics. Catching a momentary pause in the clamor, Linda spoke. “You know,” she said, pausing for her quiet voice to be heard. “You know, my friends say the same thing about you.” Linda was the lone person at the long table of eight guests at the candlelit table to hold an opposing view.  “Your critiques are the same ones I hear made about your party.” I could not hear any gasping,
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Understanding the Phases of a Divorce Trial

While every divorce differs, the divorce trial process in Nebraska does not.  Here’s what you can expect: Step 1:  Filing the complaint The person who initiates the divorce by filing the complaint first is referred to as the “Plaintiff,” while the non-filing spouse is referred to as the “Defendant.” The purpose of the complaint is to advise the court that a divorce has been filed and what issues are involved (property division, alimony, children, etc.). Finally, the complaint informs the court what the filing spouse would like to be awarded in the divorce. Step 2:  Service/Voluntary appearance Once the complaint
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A Decade Anew

“We looked great 20 years ago,” she said with a sigh, reflecting on the eve of the millennia when we gave champagne toasts to the new decade. We’d been invited to a country club and I wore a black velvet floor length gown. We gathered in front of the ice sculpture for our picture. Hopeful, joyful anticipation abounded. Six months later my world changed. The husband I’d kissed at midnight in December was diagnosed with cancer in May.  My law practice moved from its office downtown into the century old building we gutted to renovate in between visits with urologists
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