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Month: September 2021

September 2021

Loving Admission

First I was confused. Later I silently disagreed. Then I started to question. “You support a lot of people,” my friend said. The conversation moved quickly past my subtle bristle, but my recurring trait of wanting to be right itched like a prickly tag inside a sweater. My children are grown. My parents are dead. I am not a caretaker for anyone. My love Kevin is as much a support to me as I am to him. My mild annoyance and urge to argue lingered. Margo visits our terminally ill friend Joyce week after week. Mary Helen has fed the
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Who Are the Experts in Child Custody Litigation?

In child custody cases, certain individuals can be asked to provide an expert opinion to the court regarding parental fitness, custody, financial matters, and the like. An expert is someone who has specialized knowledge in a certain area and is qualified by skill, experience, training, or education to assist the judge in understanding the issues. Experts are typically authorized to review and receive information, records, and reports concerning all parties involved. He or she will prepare a report with recommendations. The expert may have their deposition taken at the request of a parent and may be subpoenaed to testify at
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“Either somebody who loves you did it or something mystical is going on,” Megan said, turning her head to the side as if to say, “You tell me.” My coworker had noticed what was happening in front of our office. “Either way, I’m glad,” I smiled. While doing repairs last fall, the utility company pummeled the flower box in front of our office. Gratefully, they emptied all the soil, placed new blocks with precision, and replaced perennials I’d planted over the years—-roses, coneflower, salvia. Weeks later, in a corner of the box,  large heart shaped leaves appeared out of nowhere.
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What Can and Can’t the Judge Do For You?

During a custody case, if you and your spouse are unable to agree on a parenting plan, the judge may have to make decisions regarding the parenting plan for you. If a judge becomes involved in custody decisions, it is important to keep in mind what the judge can and cannot do for you. General standard for custody cases: In general, judges are bound to make custody decisions based on the law and their interpretation of the law. Specifically, in Nebraska, custody decisions are made under the “best interests” standard, meaning judges make decisions based on what they believe will
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He gave up his hippie acreage with gardens to move into the middle of the city with me and mychildren. There he planted tulips and tomatoes anew. When the kids were grown and we movedfrom house to apartment, he grew kale in raised beds on the rooftop and raspberries andpumpkins in the country. He spent one summer managing a community garden for fun. Johnalways grew a garden. He took breaks from digging and watering to sit and savor the multitude of shades of green. I’dwillingly weed nonstop in the Nebraska heat I’d grown up with. I completed chores, crossingthem off
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What Evidence is Used in Custody Cases & How to Gather It

From photographs to school records, text messages to family calendars, a variety of evidence may be used during custody litigation in Nebraska. Understanding what evidence is helpful to your case and how to gather it may save valuable time and resources in preparing for a custody trial. Here are a few reasons why evidence is important in your custody case: Evidence may narrow the issues in your case. Evidence may promote settlement. Evidence will help prepare your case for trial. Having evidence outside of verbal testimony allows a judge to visually see exactly what you are talking about. Evidence is
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Seeing September

For months I knew it would arrive, and now it has. It would be special, sad, and I wasn’t sure what else. Now that September’s here, I escape my procrastination at looking.  It’s my month of many anniversaries. The major milestones and markers of my life’s journey make a list that includes:  Became a lawyer   Became a mother  Became a widow  The universe seems to know that the impending arrival of autumn is my special time for a change of seasons.  In falls past I could see neither their full meaning nor their foretelling of my future. How being admitted to the bar would lead to founding a wholehearted
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