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Month: January 2024

January 2024

5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Nebraska Divorce

The one thing just about everyone can agree on about divorce is that no one wants it to drag on and on.  Getting a divorce done quickly (relatively speaking) is possible, but it requires some effort on the part of both spouses to work together toward a fair and equitable settlement.  If you’ve made the hard decision to divorce and want to speed things along, here are some tips to help you accomplish that: Keep communicating. It can be incredibly difficult to keep the lines of communication open with a spouse who is about to become an ex — especially
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Divorce and Relocating Out of State with your Children

Although it’s said that “marriage is a journey and not a destination,” in a divorce, your geographical location will impact many aspects of the divorce process, including the physical location where your children remain once the divorce is over.   One of the more challenging issues in a divorce is what happens when one parent wants to leave Nebraska with the children after the divorce is final.  Picture a spouse who has moved multiple times during the marriage to support the other spouse’s career.  In the beginning, both spouses agreed that while their children were little, they would make Nebraska
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Coffee Redemption

“Ohhhh!” she cried.  I turned to see her mouth open in amazed confusion and her arms outstretched, a cup in one hand. She’d selected a cup from the shelf for her morning tea. She didn’t expect it to shower her with coffee.  Her coral shirt, beautiful against her pale skin, was soaked. I grabbed a cloth from the sink. She went for the paper towels. My apologies were met with her assurances that the coffee wasn’t hot and there was no harm. Together we knelt silently to wipe the puddle on the tiled floor.  “I was trying to find the
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Annual Review

The carefully circled letters reveal the thought put into the markings: A  B  C  D  F.  The feedback being noted is a gift for the recipient.  The steady handwriting with words of positive performance over the past year and notes for focus in the year ahead show care in the critique. Every year my team members fill out peer reviews of their colleagues.  They evaluate areas of client care, team support, and the demonstration of core values.  I meet with everyone individually and, with the help of the peer evaluations, we discuss the whole picture.  We see blind spots and
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How a Divorce Affects Your Estate Plan

For most people, there are four main estate planning issues that are of concern during a divorce: Couples contemplating a divorce should review their estate plan to determine the changes that will be necessary while a divorce is pending or once it becomes final  – and should keep in mind that it is only final once a judge signs the final dissolution decree. Here are some of the things you should consider in your estate plan if a divorce is pending: Wills – if neither spouse has a will and one dies prior to the finalization of a divorce, the assets will go
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“You have it so much easier because you only have your kids half the time.” He made this statement a couple of times during our conversation.  The first time it fell out of his mouth I felt like a victim of Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest being bopped on the head. It didn’t sting so much as shock my system. The next time he said it, the normally dormant lava bubbles in my gut started to boil as anger crept up my spine. These words were uttered by a dear friend of mine who has seen some
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Alimony in Nebraska: Essential Information for Your Attorney

One of the most common questions people have at the initial stage in their divorce is whether they are eligible to receive alimony.  In Nebraska there is not a specific calculation that determines whether alimony will be awarded. Rather, an award of alimony is left to the discretion of the judge or negotiating between the parties.  There are several factors the court may consider when making an alimony determination, but the outcome will be most impacted by the unique facts of your case. The more information about your case that you can provide to your attorney, the easier it will
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Quiet Client

I walked into the courthouse thinking about the thousands of times I have walked these halls over the last 25 years. The quiet reverence in the courthouse could confuse you for thinking you were in a library or a bank, except for the always visible police officers on duty. Suited-up lawyers talking in hushed soothing tones while their nervous clients populate the wood benches along the corridors outside the courtrooms. I glance up toward my favorite part of the courthouse – the ceiling of the rotunda with the comforting view of golden pink illustrations of eight murals revealing the history
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New Year, Same Me

I snapped the last plastic bin lid into place and sigh as I put the last of the magic away for the next eleven months. I take in the stark space now devoid of twinkle lights glowing and glittering nutcrackers standing watch on shelves and mantels. In the bareness, a fresh start feeling slowly emerges in the back corner of my brain. I suddenly see a new way I can rearrange my living room furniture that hasn’t moved since I moved in 7 years ago. I log on to Shutterfly to order picture prints to update framed memories around my
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