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Month: June 2024

June 2024

Caught in the Catch

I knew what I was seeing before I knew what I was seeing. My brain worked hard to protect my mom heart. What is that?  Is that a highlighter? I pulled the top off not to expose a highlighter tip, but rather a menthol pack.  Oh. OH.  My fifteen-year-old culprit daughter was in the basement working on a cheer routine.  My mind raced as I ticked through options of how best to address this.  I sent the photo to her dad and his only response was “That’s not good.”  Well, that wasn’t good either – how was I supposed to handle this?  Do I
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Can I Modify Alimony After My Divorce?

 It is not unusual for financial circumstances to change after a divorce, and Nebraska law allows for either ex-spouse to make a request for modification of support, be it a paying spouse who can no longer afford his or her support payments or a nonpaying spouse in need of additional support. There may be a justification for modifying alimony if it can be proven that there has been a “material change in circumstances,” usually meaning there has been a substantial change in income for either party. If your decree states that your alimony order is “unmodifiable” then it cannot be
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Preparing to be Unprepared

I found myself careening down a mountain, my hands gripping the steering wheel, and rarely uttered prayers slipping out of my mouth up toward the heavens.  The gas gauge read 0 miles.  Zero. None. No more.  I had already gone 7 miles on 0 miles of gas left in my tank and panic was setting in.  This had never happened to me.  By sheer will alone I am sure, I coasted into a tiny gas station in middle-of-nowhere Oregon to refill my tank.  I started to cry once I plugged the gas pump into my tank.  Pure relief and something more surprising washed over
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All Mine

“This day is mine,” I heard myself say aloud. No errands to run. No parties to attend. No plays to see. Even the kitchen floor and the rugs were generously silent. No one to listen to, attend to, or do for. The absence of responsibility brought a lightness to my limbs and a slight smile to my lips as I looked in the mirror and repeated, “All mine.”  I did a few Sunday morning usuals. Meditate. Dance for my workout. Take in an inspirational podcast. I didn’t rush as I read two newspapers while sipping a pot of tea.   An
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Do You Need a Financial Expert in Your Divorce?

Considering divorce can be a daunting process, especially when financial complexities are involved. Many individuals worry about the potential need for a financial expert to navigate asset division, spousal support, and valuation of complex assets, such as a business. Understanding the financial implications and seeking professional guidance can be crucial to ensuring a fair and informed outcome in a divorce. If you are concerned about your finances or income analysis and how it may impact your divorce, talk to your divorce attorney immediately about whether a financial expert may be beneficial to assist your attorney in the divorce process. At
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Recent Child Support Law Passed in Nebraska Supports Children

The Nebraska Legislature took action this year to ensure that child support funds collected by the state were used to support Nebraska’s lowest income families.  Historically, the federal government has provided financial assistance through the “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families” (TANF) program. This federal program has been administered by the State of Nebraska through its “Aid to Dependent Children” (ADC) program. ADC consists of direct payments to families with minor children to pay for necessary family expenses such as rent, utilities, food, clothing, and other necessities. For example, a family of four is eligible to receive $562.00 per month in
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Will Seeing a Therapist Hurt My Chances of Getting Custody?

Undoubtedly, a big life change, such as a divorce can cause emotional distress.  Unfortunately, a stigma regarding mental health support still exists.  Many parents worry that seeking professional help may make them appear unstable or be used against them in a custody proceeding.  However, if you are seeing a therapist, acknowledge yourself for getting the professional help and support you need.  Your well-being is important to your ability to be the best parent you can be. But make sure you do disclose to your attorney if you are seeing a therapist; your mental health records can be subpoenaed by the
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Speak to Me: The Cost of Poor Co-Parent Communication Part 2

“I need to check in with you on the plan for the girls this summer for vehicles. They are both trying to line up summer jobs. Are you planning to get another car to meet the agreement that you provide vehicles for both girls?” No response received. October 9th 1:51 p.m. – “Can I have the attendance password you set up for Sophia with the school? I have to call Sophia out for a doc appt this afternoon” Response received November 30 at 11:33 a.m.  “School pw: _______.” These texts between me and my co-parent to which there was not
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5 Common Misconceptions About Child Support in Nebraska

In Nebraska, child support is calculated by using a mathematical formula established by state law. While determining child support is an inevitable issue to be resolved in divorce involving minor children, many parents may not understand the specific nuances of child support. For example: How can child support be spent? Am I responsible to pay for anything else beyond my monthly payments? When does child support begin and end? Answers to these questions often surprise divorcing parents. Below are five common misconceptions about child support in Nebraska. Misconception 1: If my ex-spouse and I share joint custody, no child support
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