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Month: July 2024

July 2024

Social Media Missteps

I will not likely ever forget the pit in my stomach.  It was in the wee hours of the morning when sleep evaded me.  After a recent break-up, my thoughts were not yet managed, nor healed.  I rolled over in bed to open my laptop and before I knew it there he was in a tuxedo looking better than ever.  A tear pricked and my stomach rolled as I tried to process something that I simply could not. How was he smiling a few weeks after our break up when I hadn’t even been able to attempt that feat?  Where
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Timeline for Divorce in Nebraska

How long will my divorce take?  This is one of the most common questions during an initial consultation.  There are many unknowns during the divorce process and the ultimate timeline for the completion of a divorce is one of them. The earliest timeframe in which you can complete your divorce is 60 days after the Complaint for Dissolution is filed and the Defendant-Spouse has received notice of the filing.  The notice requirement is completed by either having the sheriff serve them a copy of the Complaint or by the Defendant-Spouse filing a voluntary appearance with the Clerk of the District
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Finding Friends: Kindred Spirits & F Yesses

I was nervous. I carefully considered my outfit and my hair. I was being set up by a friend who cautioned me in her initial message that she did not make these introductions regularly or lightly.  I respect her a great deal, so this added to my nerves.  It was a blind date, but not the normal, romantic kind.  I was being introduced to a potential friend.  A potential new girlfriend.  The stakes felt high. We met at the new coffee shop across the street from my building.  She wore a pretty patterned dress and when I saw her through
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What is a Parenting Plan in Nebraska?

The Nebraska Parenting Act requires all parents involved in a legal action regarding custody or parenting time to have a parenting plan.  A parenting plan is a document that details how you and the other parent will parent your child upon divorce or separation. To finalize a parenting plan, you have three options: You and the other parent may agree on the terms of the plan, with or without the help of legal counsel. You and the other parent may use a parenting plan mediator to reach agreement regarding the terms of the plan. If an agreement regarding all aspects
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Is Divorce an Inevitable Result of Infidelity?

When a partner has an affair — either physical or emotional — it can tear a marriage apart.  Whether or not infidelity leads to divorce depends on several factors, the most important being if both partners are committed to rebuilding the trust on which a good marriage is built. If your marriage has suffered from infidelity, divorce does not need to be an inevitable result.  Here are some tips that can help build the emotional foundation for a new start: Take responsibility.  Before healing can begin, the partner who had the affair must accept responsibility for the damage done to
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