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Michaela Seidl

Advanced Certified Paralegal


There is no substitute for experience, and that’s just what paralegal Michaela Seidl brings to our clients and our team. Experience in the legal world and experience in life make Michaela an extraordinary addition to the Koenig|Dunne team.

Michaela’s professional experience gives her a depth of competence. At 21 she began to work in the legal field, gaining knowledge about real estate and finance. Those early years gave Michaela the solid foundation she needed when the focus of her legal field became divorce, years later our clients reap the benefits.

Michaela’s personal experience gives her a depth of compassion for our clients’ challenges. She knows what it means to experience divorce and to have a child with special needs. When a client is overwhelmed or frightened, they will always find an understanding ear in Michaela. She is able to both listen attentively and convey vital information with clarity, knowing how essential clear communication is on the roller coaster of divorce.

Put together, Michaela’s journeys in career and in life enable her to hold the “big picture” for all. Whether a client struggling with a temporary setback or one of our attorneys diving deep into the details of a financially complex property division, Michaela brings the broad perspective.

Michaela loves to bring her ideas about how the latest and greatest in technology can help us serve our clients even better. She is also passionate about giving back to our community, and has a special heart for volunteering for the Autism Society of Nebraska.

There is no substitute for experience, and we don’t think there’s any substitute for Michaela when it comes to a paralegal who can support our clients and our team.