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Lauren Krupski

Administrative Assistant


Lauren loves to take something good and make it excellent. When she first joined the Koenig|Dunne team, she described it as “a well-oiled machine because of all the team support.” Now Lauren is an integral part of all that’s needed to serve our clients with Koenig|Dunne care.

As administrative assistant to our legal team, Lauren pays close attention to the details. Whether ensuring that an electronic filing is accurate or making certain every court deadline is met on time, Lauren is vigilant.

“This job is perfect for me,” she said. “Even if our clients never meet me, it feels good knowing I’m helping them.

Lauren graduated magna cum laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of Arts in theater. From a career in performing art education, she brings years of experience in administration and client service to her role.

When away from the office, Lauren comes out from behind the scenes to being on stage acting, dancing, and singing in theater productions throughout the region.