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Peggy’s Voice

Peggy’s Voice

“My name is Peggy. May I help you?” 

“Peggy,” I said, pausing for the surprise little lump in my throat  “I really hope you can.”

I was embarrassed by my emotion. Years ago I placed countless calls to cancel my husband’s name on accounts and remove it from many charity mailing lists. That was an understandable time for emotions.

But a call to a customer service rep to get your bank password changed? 

I was on day three of a quest to solve a series of technological challenges. In my effort to live out my intention to “simplify in September” I focused on technology.

  • Start using your bank’s mobile app you’ve had for years (release the relationships with neighborhood tellers) √
  • Invest in better spam filtering (I don’t need diabetes drugs nor am I looking for any “hot girls” thank you very much) √
  • Choose a password manager ( Download the app to your desktop, your laptop, your iPad, your phone ) √
  • Get a new computer √

I was on day three of my quest to resolve the myriad of issues big and small that come with a system change. I’d chatted with Chakrit online. I exchanged seemingly endless emails. I’d thrice forfeited my computer for others to assist. I’d been on perpetual loops of “Listen carefully to these options.” 

But on this morning, the mere sound of Peggy’s voice meant everything.

It was the morning of my grown son’s birthday. He lives a thousand miles away. I wanted to start his day with some Venmo cash. I tried to check my bank balance.  But since I couldn’t remember the name of my favorite musician—- Bruce Springsteen? Or the guitarist I was dating when I opened my checking account.—I called yet another dreaded 800 number.

“I can help you with that,” Peggy said.

I wanted to weep. It was a human voice. It was the feeling that help was on the way.

I loathed that I’d allowed the petty to make me cranky. My problems were temporary first world ones and I knew it. Still, the sound of Peggy’s voice was like reaching a hotline in a hurricane.

In under two minutes, Peggy had me up and running. She left me uplifted and with a tip to not use my password manager for this particular institution. Note made.

We may prefer technology to facilitate much of our communication. But for me, there is no substitute for the sound of a human voice to provide both comfort and connection.

Thank you, Peggy.

Coach Koenig

Is there a voice you need to hear when you are feeling frustrated?

When the help you need can’t be found, is there someone who can just listen?

Is there someone who needs to hear your voice today?