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Lawyer Looking

“I could use some advice. Can we get together?” read the text.  It was my cousin from South Dakota. We sometimes go for a month or two without talking, so I felt a wave of concern.  He was in town on business and we met at a downtown coffee shop.  After catching up on family news, he explained. “I’ve not been happy in my marriage for years.  I’ve been in counseling but things aren’t getting better. I was hoping you could help.”  A few sips of coffee later, Jerry bravely said he was clear that his marriage was over; he
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Mr. Nice Guy

“No one wants a nice divorce lawyer,” I read in our local newspaper last week. It brought be back to 1983. “Gee whiz. I didn’t think lawyers cried,” my uncle said. I had just wept while giving the eulogy at my Dad’s funeral, less than a month after his cancer diagnosis.  I was 28 years old and three months into my law career. 30 years later, I see misconceptions about lawyers persist. When going through a divorce, it feels as though your entire life is at stake. You can’t afford to worry that your legal advocate is weak, emotional, or
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