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The Truth

She is tough as nails.  Oftentimes she is in my office wearing a leather jacket and when talking her deep voice reveals a sharp wit and quick intellect.  She has short stylish spiked hair.  I assume that she intimidates a large percentage of people who cross her path.  As I prepared her for what her trial experience may be, I wondered how she may come across in court – this tough as nails mom. I was positive that even if I had suggested her wearing an appliqué sweatshirt with puffy kittens on it to soften her appearance, she would not
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The End

“Can I ask you a personal question?” my client asked. I took in a breath. Answering personal questions from clients is uncomfortable because I am mindful that as an attorney, I have the power to influence my clients and their decisions. I generally keep my personal opinions and experience out of reach of clients for fear of my experience shading theirs. Just the day before, this client and I had successfully negotiated an outcome for her divorce in lieu of going to trial. We finalized negotiations an hour before our scheduled trial time. I had been supporting this client for
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