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Father’s Day

Disneyland Dad

I have a confession… I have a Disneyland Dad. I have a dad who is not called Grandpa by my girls, but Funpa. I have a dad who takes my girls bowling and to Funplex and makes adventure out of everything. I have a dad who introduced my girls to mochas and minions. In every way he fits the definition of a Disneyland Dad. The term Disneyland Dad dates back to an era when parents without custody and without much parenting time spent it entirely in fun and games with their children, while the custodial parent was left with the
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Father’s Day – Make Every Moment Count

Susan and Angela are pleased to welcome their fellow attorney, Philip Katz, as Guest Blogger to give a Father’s Day perspective on the resilience of children and what matters most. He never came. I sat on the front steps waiting for him, kicking stones and examining my fingernails for what seemed like an eternity. My mother implored me to come inside, but I refused. Finally, as the sun disappeared into the distance, I retreated inside. He hadn’t come. Again. From age two to adulthood, I may have spent a year of time with my father, collectively. Today I am a
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Dad Day

My dad is one of my personal heroes.  I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would take me and my brother and sister to the flight line to watch my dad’s plane arrive from whatever faraway place he had been stationed.  My dad was a pilot in the Air Force.  He would get off the plane in his green flight suit and he was my hero.  My mom is shocked to this day that I do not have a recollection of how much my dad was away during my childhood.  He was gone four weeks, home six,
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