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Tag: Life


Beautiful Still

By the time I was sixteen I knew I was a one man woman. I fell in love with the long-haired guitar playing hippie and remained madly so until I was half way through college. A serial monogamist, I love being coupled. Being coupled means an ever present partner for the small joys that fill me up. Someone to make a spinach frittata for or to bring me a cup of coffee just the way I like it. A fellow traveler strolling from the arugula stand to the flower stall at the farmer’s market.  The one who relaxes reading nearby
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Fun Size Fun

“How have you been?” I asked with a sincere smile as we waited in line to enter the bar association meeting room. He looked down and hesitated. “Good. I’ve been good, “ he replied, appearing a little anxious.  “I ask because I know how hard you work,” I said. This observation was easy to make about my fellow attorneys who are prone to working long hours and skipping vacations. “But are you having any fun?” I persisted, having forgotten my coach manners. “You’d be proud of me,” he said, looking up for the first time. I’m trying to keep Fridays
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56 Up – A Review

Imagine your life captured on film for half a century. Imagine that since the age of 7, someone collected your thoughts about life. Imagine that your hopes and dreams, your successes and disappointments, were all recorded and then seen by thousands of people around the world. Participants in the documentary 56 Up lived this experience. In 1964, filmmaker Michael Apted interviewed 14 English children ranging from the boarding school boy who dreamed of entering politics to the little one raised in a children’s home. He continued to interview them every seven years.  Their innocent faces as young children were precious.
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