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Sacred Time

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed setting goals and reaching them. Whether it was saving a sum of money for college or throwing a birthday party for a friend, I got a kick out of making a plan and making it happen. Each year I set enthusiastic goals. Each goal has a deadline for completion before the end of year holidays. I declare these weeks a sacred time. To be sacred means to be dedicated to a specific purpose. I dedicate the final weeks of each year to creating a season of joy and meaning. I
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Perfectly Predictable

This was my view one evening last week as I sat on the beach at sunset in Lincoln City, Oregon.  If you have ever been to the Oregon coast, you know that Oregonians do not travel to the beach for warmth, sunshine and sipping mai tais in bikinis.  For those who journey to this windy, freezy-cold watered coast, the draw is something more.  For me, I travel to this spot annually for the perfect predictability of the reassuring ocean. I am one of those people who can sit for hours and watch the ocean, never tiring of counting the series
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