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Light me up a pumpkin spiced candle, let my feet crunch as I walk over brightly colored leaves, and zip me into a parka when the fall wind nips at my nose.  I love all that is fall.  I love this season, and in particular, this week of Thanksgiving, where with it brings reflections on gratitude and abundance.  During times of transition or grief, it may be difficult to feel gratitude or see the silver linings, but perhaps take pause and really look. Why I Am Grateful for my Divorce Did I just write that subtitle?  Did it just get
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Bittersweet Thanksgiving

The bittersweet in my kitchen window seems appropriate. The view of the November sky though the elegantly arched window of my newly remodeled kitchen brings that familiar feel of the holiday mix of emotions of a person whose family has changed. My sons won’t be with me on Thanksgiving as I proudly carry my perfectly roasted turkey to the table set well in advance with linens, china, candles, and, of course, the turkey salt and pepper shakers.  No husband will recite the traditional blessing which was always sweeter than the pecan pie. And I will not hear the voice of
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