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Month: July 2017

July 2017

The Bigger Benefit

He is free-spirited.  He is spontaneous.  He doesn’t use his calendar to track activities.  He lives his life with confidence that the next step forward will take him where he needs to be – wherever that may be.  His thoughts are mostly the after kind. She is organized.  She is predictable.  She is meticulous in her planning and preparation. Her life is well-managed in all its details.  She has already started filling out her 2018 planner along with an outline of goals. You know the story – opposites attract.  They fall in love.  Wed.  Then divorce.  Now they find themselves
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Nebraska Residency and Divorce – Does Where You or Your Spouse Live Matter?

Whether a court has power to hear and rule on a divorce depends on the residency of at least one of the spouses.  That is, has one of the spouses lived in Nebraska for more than one year with the intention of making Nebraska his or her permanent home? How long do I have to live in Nebraska to get a divorce? Either you or your spouse must have been a resident of Nebraska for at least one year to get a divorce in Nebraska.  However, if you were married in Nebraska and have lived in Nebraska for the duration
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The Ebb and Flow

We nearly broke into a run when we first spied it.  The wind whipped through our hair and the telltale smell of fire-faded driftwood blew through our bodies.  After awkwardly walking through the dry shifting sand, we reached the stable ocean line where the waves tickled our toes – easily mesmerized by the methodical movement of the ocean tide. My daughters and I spent the last week at the Oregon coast.  Several times we made our way to the beach and as I watched them delight in dancing in and out of the frigid water, I found myself thinking of
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3 Ways to Value your Home in a Divorce in Nebraska

In a divorce, it’s likely your martial home is one of the most valuable assets you and your spouse own.  Regardless of which spouse keeps the home, the equity in the home will need to be divided.  Equity is the difference between the value of the home and the amount owed in mortgages (or other liens, such as a home equity line of credit) against the property.  To determine how much equity is in your home, you’ll need to determine the value of your home.  This can be determined a number of ways in a divorce in Nebraska. You and
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My Place

There is a place in the upper Northwest corner of our country that is filled with magic.  I seek annual refuge in this place to clear my mind by breathing the salt filled air and watching the ebb and flow of the ocean tide.  My favorite place on Earth is the Oregon coast.  The Pacific Ocean is lined by rocky cliffs, at the top of which the evergreens grow and down below the starfish cling to rocks in tide pools.  My temperament is most suited to the mild temperatures and rain dappled days this coast has to offer.  I find
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Doing the Division

My girls are having a magical summer.  It has included a trip to Mexico with their dad, stepmom, and stepbrother to celebrate his high school graduation.  Then they hit the water slides in the Wisconsin Dells with me for our annual family vacation with my parents, my sister and her family.  They were home one day before packing up and heading to their annual summer camp for the fourth consecutive year.  Now they are spending a week in Yellowstone National Park for the first time with their paternal grandparents excitedly telling me in nightly phone calls about where the buffalo
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