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Month: August 2017

August 2017

Pieces of Perspective

“I’ve got it!”  I thought smugly to myself.  The perfect birthday gift for my soon-to-be eleven year old had finally lit the light bulb in my brain.  I would make her a How To Be A Tween box.  It would be filled with practical items, some fun things, and best of all – a year-in-review photo book from her 10th year.  Brilliant, I thought, mentally hugging myself. My Sophia very much enjoys the spotlight and a photo book highlighting her would be a welcome and appreciated gift.  I excitedly started downloading pictures to Shutterfly starting with last September.  I designed
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The First Day

I was confident I would not cry.  My sister mildly bragged the week prior that she didn’t shed a tear with her oldest starting kindergarten and her youngest starting preschool.  As the older sister, I knew I could match that. Then this happened.  I snapped this picture of my daughters on the school steps and seeing my youngest in her new middle school uniform started that familiar form of a lump settling into my throat.  This day marked the 10th first day of school for which I have braced myself.  From preschool now to 8th grade for my eldest daughter,
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How to Modify Your Child Support Order

In Nebraska, once a child support order is entered, it remains in effect until the minor child reaches the age of majority (19 in Nebraska), dies, remarries, becomes emancipated, or until further order of the court. “Until further order of the court” means that child support orders are modifiable, that is, they can be changed. The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines sets forth rules as to when the court can modify child support. First, the parent must show to the court that there has been a material change in circumstances that affects the child support calculation. This will usually be a
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I still feel embarrassed by a mistake I made a few years ago today. It was “Meet the Teachers” night at school.  When my former spouse asked about his new wife coming, I retorted that I did not think it appropriate. In my view, Meet the Teachers night was for parents and their children to meet the teachers. Not for step-parents to also meet the teachers and be included in this family event. I was wrong. At that time, two years into my daughters having a step-mom, I was still working through what that meant.  Nothing put me in the
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How to Provide Notice to Your Spouse that You Filed for Divorce

To initiate a divorce, you must file a complaint for dissolution of marriage.  The complaint is a legal document filed with the Clerk of the District Court. It sets forth facts and asks the judge to make certain orders. To proceed with your case, you need to notify your spouse that the complaint was filed. This notice is called “service” or “service of process.” There are 3 ways to give your spouse official notice that the complaint has been filed: Voluntary Appearance Service by Sheriff Alternative Method of Service (Service by Publication) Voluntary Appearance A voluntary appearance is a document
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Pieces of Parenthood

I laughed out loud more than once while Sasha opened gifts at her baby shower.  “Thank goodness you gave a toy, otherwise the baby would only have boxes to play in!”  “Will this baby nighttime sound machine drown out the crying?”  “Will I get to wear sleep sacs to bed, too?”  I sensed her funny acknowledgments serving to mask her mounting anxiety about the birth date fast approaching. For this soon-to-be first time mom, each and every bow untied brought her closer to the realization that her baby would soon be here.  The enormity of how her life was about
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Tips for Payment and Reimbursement of Childcare and Uninsured Medical Expenses for Children

The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines recognizes that both parents have an equal duty to provide financial support to their children in proportion to their respective net incomes.  There are three main types of financial support for children that will be addressed in a divorce. Child support Childcare expenses, which are due to the employment of either parent, or to allow the parent to obtain training or education needed to obtain a job or enhance earning potential Reasonable and necessary uninsured medical expenses Pursuant to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines, payment for childcare expenses and uninsured medical expenses for children is
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Performance Review

I get nervous just thinking about it – all of my co-workers rating me in all areas of my professional performance.  Do I keep my promises?  Do I approach my work with enthusiasm?  Do I listen without interrupting? Every year I must remind myself why I actively choose to put myself through a performance review. Founded on the principle “look, see, tell the truth, take authentic action,” our firm coach, Susan, teaches us that to move toward growth and betterment these four steps are key.  Performance reviews help us pause to look.  Our co-workers and supervisors help us see and
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Timeline for Divorce in Nebraska

How long will my divorce take?  This is one of the most common questions during an initial consultation.  There are many unknowns during the divorce process and the ultimate timeline for the completion of a divorce is one of them. The earliest timeframe in which you can complete your divorce is 60 days after the Complaint for Dissolution is filed and the Defendant-Spouse has received notice of the filing.  The notice requirement is completed by either having the sheriff serve them a copy of the Complaint or by the Defendant-Spouse filing a voluntary appearance with the Clerk of the District
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