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Month: May 2018

May 2018

High Road

The day of the custody trial arrived.  Nervous and feigning politeness to the opposing lawyers, they sat parallel to each other at their respective counsel’s tables.  Plaintiff and Defendant. Also known by two, 5 and 7 year old children, as Mom and Dad. Evidence Round #1:  She testified that the children were adjusting fairly well since they had separated households.  She said that their dad had become more involved in the last year and that was a good thing.  She focused her testimony on her children rather than their rocky past. Evidence Round #2:  He testified about his increased involvement
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What is a District Court Referee?

While most family law cases in Nebraska are heard exclusively by Nebraska district courts, a small number of family law cases are instead heard by district court referees, often referred to as child support referees. Who is a District Court Referee? District court referees are attorneys who have been appointed by Nebraska courts to provide rulings on certain family law issues. They are typically longstanding practitioners who have a great deal of experience in family law. A district court referee listens to evidence presented by parties at trial, similarly to a district court judge. What Type of Cases Are Assigned
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Perfect Failure 4.0

The height of my academic failure arrived mid-way through a semester of political science. Due to my performance, it was prudent that I drop the class. This required a personal visit to the professor known more for his rigor than his relationships with struggling students. I could feel the shame as I waited my turn outside his small windowless office. This was the first and only conversation we would have. I hoped it would be brief. I told him my name and that I needed to drop his class. I could not raise my grade up enough by the end
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Graduation Gift

She was so excited.  She spent a full hour in the bathroom for her hair and make-up.  She asked me to iron her dress and if she could borrow one of my necklaces for the special occasion.  Her energy was buzzing.  My preparation, on the other hand, was in full procrastination mode.  I slogged around the house – near dreading the finality this night would bring.  At the end of the night, my eldest daughter would officially be a high school student after having graduated from middle school. I didn’t feel ready for this. My daughter, Anna, attended her grade
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Divorce Timetables

Nearly all phases of your divorce will be accompanied by timelines providing when certain actions must be taken or prohibiting certain actions from being taken. The following are some common timelines to help you decipher what must be done during your divorce and when. Mandatory waiting period What is it? Under Nebraska law, no divorce can be final until 60 days after service of process has been perfected. What’s the timetable? Your divorce starts with one spouse filing a complaint for dissolution of marriage. After that document is filed with the court, it must be “served” on the other spouse.
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Light Bulb Enlightenment

How many tries does it take to change a light bulb? If it’s me, about ten. When a light went out in my home office, I reasoned that the two remaining bulbs in the chandelier were enough. When it went dark in my parlor, I rationalized that the sun from the skylight was enough. When the bedroom light was spent, I used the bedside lamps. When the overhead light in my bathroom ended, I eked along with my morning make up routine adjusting my magnifying mirror to new angles. My home was built in 1898. I love the tall ceilings
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The Goal

She shot.  She scored!  And I missed it. Maybe in your household your child scoring a soccer goal is a regular occurrence and accomplishment.  But in our household, for our Sophia, it is nothing short of a minor miracle.  Sophia does not play sports out of athletic drive, skill, or competitiveness.  She plays for the simple enjoyment of being on a team.  She loves the social aspect of sports teams.  She does not love any type of contact with a soccer ball. Suffice it to say, this was an event.  At the time of the goal, I was on the
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Translating Legalese: Part 2

A divorce decree is a court order that officially ends a marriage. In doing so, the decree defines the division of property between spouses, awards legal and physical custody of minor children, and states whether either spouse owes a child support obligation. Most decrees are written by attorneys, capturing the settlement agreements reached between spouses. These types of decrees are commonly referred to as consent decrees because both spouses consented to their contents as opposed to a judge authoring the decree after a trial. Some of the clauses contained in a divorce decree can be difficult to understand. Here are
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5 Tips for Testifying In Court

There may be times during your divorce when you are asked to testify in the courtroom. “Testify” means to answer questions under oath. Before you testify in open court, you will be sworn in as a witness, meaning you swear (or affirm) to tell the truth. The thought of being on the witness stand and answering questions from your attorney and opposing counsel can be anxiety-provoking. You may be afraid of giving the wrong answer or of saying something that you believe will harm your case. You may be leery of opposing counsel and assume he or she is intentionally
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I had my heart broken in one phone call last week.  As soon as I heard my mom’s voice I knew something was wrong.  She was on the verge of tears – a sound to which I am not accustomed to coming from her.  “Suzy died this morning.”  My mom’s older and last living sister had died in her sleep.  I faltered and felt the pressure on my heart as the tears came out in a rush. My aunt had been ill for a couple of months.  Just a few days prior she and her husband made the decision to
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