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Estate planning

How a Divorce Affects Your Estate Plan

For most people, there are four main estate planning issues that are of concern during a divorce: How assets are divided now, and how they will be distributed after death Re-designation of beneficiaries Whether your spouse will still make decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated Control and management of certain assets Couples contemplating a divorce should review their estate plan to determine the changes that will be necessary while a divorce is pending or once it becomes final  – and should keep in mind that it is only final once a judge signs the final dissolution decree. Here are
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What Every Single Parent Needs to Know About Estate Planning

It is estimated that one-third of American children live in a single-parent household, and single parents are well advised to create an estate plan that provides protection for their children. Having an estate plan can also provide you with welcome peace of mind. Here are the elements of an estate plan designed to help you protect your children: Will. A Will is a legal document that details your wishes for how your assets should be distributed after you die and designates a guardian for minor children. If you die without one, a Nebraska probate court will make those decisions for
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