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Tag: Identity


The Real You

I have often thought that “before and after” photos of divorce clients would make a fascinating retrospective of what it means to go through divorce. As a divorce lawyer, I saw the changes in the appearance of hundreds of clients as they went through the divorce experience.  The look of a client on the day of the initial consultation and the look of a client at our final conference often differed dramatically. For some, divorce takes a huge toll on the mind, body and spirit. Significant weight gain or loss, dark circles from lack of sleep, or the sad face
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Leaving its Mark

Today was the day. On what would have been our fifteenth wedding anniversary I remove the delicate yellow and white gold band from the third finger of my left hand. It had been my mother’s.  I was never much for diamonds, and happily wore this modest symbol of my commitment for the entire world to see. Today I remove its magical and protective powers with a small tug on my hand and a big one on my heart. Being married conveys instant status in our culture.  Like being born white or able bodied or straight, it bestows upon us an
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